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About Oz-in
About Oz-in


About Us

Professionally engaged in installation and service for WALDNER laboratory systems since 1996, our company has become a leader in its area due to its professional and result oriented service principle.

Analyzing customer needs with over 15 years of industry experience and a firm structure of laboratory project development and establishment, we provide a full set of services to our clients. As the developer of a successful range of projects throughout Turkey, Northern Cyprus, Northern Iraq, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ukrain and Iran and with its highly experienced personnel specialized in their respective field, ÖZ-İN has become your fast and reliable solution partner to date.

Öz-İn’s Vision

To be an installation and technical service organization that aim to provide turnkey delivery services in the laboratory sector, to offer their customers the superior features of industry leaders with its high-end technology knowledge, power, professional customer service and support staff as well as installation teams with years of experience.

Öz-İn Mission

To become a worldwide leader in the industry with its professional team, know-how and experience while adopting customer satisfaction as the highest priority principle.

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